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Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie Has Opened A New Cafe Partnered With Eat Offbeat

You can now walk in at Angelina Jolie’s new cafe at Atelier Jolie without a reservation

Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie Has Opened A New Cafe Partnered With Eat Offbeat

No one does it like Angelina Jolie and she shines Maleficent-ly (read magnificently) each time. This time the talented actor and activist has stepped into the industry of fashion with her atelier, Atelier Jolie, in New York City. It is a retail space aimed at creative minds and people who love sustainable fashion. Recently, she also added a cafe to her establishment which is accessible to everyone. Atelier Jolie partnered with Eat Offbeat and serves up lip-smacking food. Would you want to experience a dinner here with your friends with a hint of Angelina Jolie’s touch?


Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie Thrives On Sustainable Fashion


Atelier Jolie is founded by Angelina Jolie and houses garments as a reflection of her creative expressions. This creative space belonged to the renowned artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat’s art form dealt with the bubbling issues of racism and classism among other issues of the USA. Hence the wall outside is a canvas for local street artists who preserve Basquiat’s influence. 



Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie Thrives On Sustainable Fashion



Atelier Jolie includes a gallery and some minimal yet unique decor that invites you inside the brain of Angelina Jolie. The interiors are all white as a contrast to the vibrant local street art outside. If you plan to visit Jolie’s boutique you have to have an appointment beforehand to touch these clothes. There are jackets, silk skirts, interchangeable collars, maxi dresses, simple T-shirts, and more.

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The New Cafe Here Is By Eat Offbeat!


Angelina Jolie is an activist and stands by her ethics. So while planning out a new cafe at her  Atelier Jolie, she choose Eat Offbeat. This establishment is a great one for her creative space because it explores the cooking talents of New York City’s refugee communities. You can enjoy yummy beverages and some brekkies options here. You might just run into Angelina Jolie with her kids enjoying a couple of drinks at Eat Offbeat!


A good thing about Eat Offbeat is that you can just walk in and enjoy the delicious food here. No need for bookings or appointments, cool isn’t it? Not just that it also has a piano, chess and a craft table where you can engage yourselves while your order arrives. The menu here is set to have soups, Avocado Toast, Coffees, Venezuela Hot Chocolate, and a lot more.


It doesnt stop there, as Atelier Jolie is a space for creative minds, Angelina has managed to extend the creativity to Eat Offbeat as well. You have the liberty to pick out laces and vintage buttons from their silver cabinet at the back of the room. One motto behind starting this new cafe is that she wants people to spend time with each other as life slips by quickly. Take your family members here and soak in the creativity of Angelina Jolie!

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