BBC EastEnders’ Natalie Cassidy in hysterics as Heather Peace makes massive pregnancy blunder

EastEnders released a behind-the-scenes video earlier this week which showed cast member Shona McGarty at work, including interacting with Natalie Cassidy and Heather Peace

EastEnders cast member Natalie Cassidy was in hysterics during a behind-the-scenes video after Heather Peace believed co-star Shona McGarty was heavily pregnant.

Shona, 32, gave fans a glimpse of her schedule at work in a video shared on Instagram ahead of her departure from the BBC show. She’s played Whitney Dean since 2008 and it was announced last year that she had decided to leave.

The footage, which was uploaded on Friday, showed the actor getting ready for some scenes and interacting with various colleagues. Shona showcased the baby bump that she’s been sporting to play the pregnant character and at one point assured Ross Boatman that it was “not real”.

Whilst on her way to the makeup room to have her tattoos covered ahead of filming, Shona bumped into colleagues Heather, 48, and Natalie, 40. The pair play Eve Unwin and Sonia Fowler respectively on the long-running soap opera.

EastEnders' Shona McGarty showcasing her character's baby bump in a still from a behind-the-scenes videoNatalie Cassidy and Heather Peace in a behind-the-scenes video from EastEnders of them sat together at a table in the BBC studios

Shona McGarty showcased her character’s baby bump in a behind-the-scenes video for EastEnders

She met up with co-stars Natalie Cassidy (right) and Heather Peace (left) on her way to the makeup room during the video

Natalie, teasing her co-star Shona sporting a baby bump, said: “Put on the pounds over Christmas.” The latter responded: “A couple of cheese boards.” Heather added: “This is all news to me.” She went on to indicate towards the bump.

Shona teased: “…and me!” Natalie said: “It’s everything she’s ever wanted.” Heather continued by asking: “How you feeling?” Her colleague Shona said that it feels “really weird,” before Natalie interjected with her own question for Heather.

She asked: “Hang on a minute, do you think that’s real?” Heather replied: “For one second.” Natalie and Heather were seen laughing over the situation before the latter said to Shona: “I haven’t seen you for ages. […] And then it suddenly dawned on me that it’s in the script!” Natalie was in hysterics over it, with her seen clapping her hands and stamping her foot as they reacted.

Shona said after walking away from her co-stars: “I can’t believe they thought I was pregnant.” The actor spoke about the baby bump elsewhere in the video, including sharing: “It feels really weird being like really pregnant. But also quite nice cause you get to really push out your belly.” And a prosthetic bump was also shown to viewers at one point in the video.

The behind-the-scenes footage was shared by the BBC show’s account on Instagram. The accompanying caption read: “Come and be a fly on the wall as we follow Shona McGarty AKA Whitney Dean around in her ‘Day in the Life’ at #EastEnders.” The post has amassed thousands of likes.

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