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Chris Brown OFFERS to send Cardi B Flowers AFTER Offset doesn’t SHOW UP

Alfred talks about Cardi B Reacts to Chris Brown Sending her Flowers

So less then 24 hours Chris Brown snapped at Offset on IG

He told him just to show respect, he will send Cardi B flowers

This music update is packed with excitement and JOKES to keep my Fans laughing!

Chris Brown OFFERS to send Cardi B Flowers AFTER Offset doesn’t SHOW UP


Chris Brown and Offset’s feud doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon, and now Brown has roped in the rapper’s wife, Cardi B. In an Instagram post on February 9, Brown threatened to send the “Bodak Yellow” rapper flowers, a very obvious instigation toward Offset. He also wrote that Offset’s father should have raised him better.

“I’m disappointed in this n*gga,” Brown wrote, “as his father should have been there more in his life so he wouldn’t come out a lame a** n*gga.”

As Hollywood Life reports, the feud between Chris Brown and Offset began because Brown shared a meme on Instagram about 21 Savage’s arrest by ICE. Offset and Savage are friends and have a joint album with producer Metro Boomin.

In response to the meme, Offset called Brown “lame” on Instagram, which triggered a heated reply from the R&B singer. In the comment, Brown said that Offset should fight him if he’s a “real man,”

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