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‘Is she calling me an ugly disease?’: Blind item creator shares unusual DM she received from Nicki Minaj at 6am

Former MOMOLAND member Daisy (Images Via Instagram/@daisiesforyu)

Former MOMOLAND member Daisy is currently all over social media, after she discussed her story of becoming a K-pop rapper. Daisy candidly revealed her audition experience back in 2010 and how Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass landed her the rapper position in the group. The idol made a “Get Ready With Me” video on TikTok, answering a question from a fan. The question was,

She began the video by thanking the person who asked this particular question, as she always wished to explain her reasons for being a rapper. She said,

“So get ready with me while I tell you the story of how I became a rapper and how it’s all Nicki Minaj’s fault.”

To add context to this incident, she revealed how she had never practised rap or created a verse for an audition since she was more into dancing and singing. Daisy said she was desperate during her trainee days and really wanted to stand out in front of the judges at the audition.

“That took me back to 2010, the year of the worldwide cultural phenomenon of tweens all over the world memorising Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass word for word as if it was gonna be on the S.A.T.s and I just so happened to be the president of the Korean branch. So I gave a little of “This one is for the boys with the booming system”, and these clueless 40 year olds were absolutely blown away. And from that on I was a rapper.”

This resulted in a hilarious wave of reactions from fans on social media, with one user profusely thanking the US-based rapper on X: “THANKYOU NICKI MINAJ”

“Nicki impact into kpop needs to be studied”: Fans react as ex-MOMOLAND member Daisy shares her journey of becoming a rapper by singing Super Bass

On January 25, Daisy sat down for a fun “Get Ready With Me” video answering fans’ questions where she candidly revealed her K-pop audition experience. She did her makeup while honestly sharing that Super Bass by Nicki Minaj made her a rapper.

This led to fans discussing the difficulties idols faced, while some questioned K-pop rappers’ skills. Others were astounded by her real response to the question, which made them laugh.

Furthermore, the former MOMOLAND member said she used to be surprised when people complimented her rapping skills in the comments. She said,

“I laughed at the comments so hard because what are you talking about? Did you listen to my part on mute?”

However, fans shared her iconic rap verse from MOMOLAND’s BBOOM BBOOM and stated that no one could do the part better than her.

MLD Entertainment announced the disbandment of the K-pop girl group MOMOLAND in February last year.

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