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Nicki Minaj Claims She Is Being “Silenced” After Getting Hit With Community Guidelines Warning

Nicki Minaj is sick and tired.

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Nicki Minaj is someone who is not afraid to speak her mind whenever the opportunity arises. Although she has upset some people over the years, she doesn’t exactly mind. Instead, she knows that stirring the pot can actually be a good thing. Moreover, she has a huge supporter base who will agree with and do whatever she says. The Barbz support her with the full force of their being, and they are a strong army. That said, when Nicki rallies the troops, you best believe they bring forth their best efforts.

Recently, Nicki found herself at war with a TikToker over claims that she needs to go to rehab. Minaj was adamant about setting the record straight. Additionally, she had some confusing insults. Unfortunately for Nicki, this led to some repercussions as she showcased a screenshot of a Community Guidelines warning. In the tweets below, she even said that she is being silenced. She also said that she was unfollowing everyone and that fans could remain followed if they gave her the Gag City password.

Nicki Minaj Speaks

“They are allowed to bully you, harass you, swat your home with a toddler multiple times & not be held accountable, 5 companies paying to slander you, never defending yourself against lies for years & years but the minute you do, you are immediately SILENCED,” Nicki wrote. “Yet, the ones spreading lies on you are not. Their pages are never deleted. You don’t have to have genius tendencies to know why the rules are different.” Nicki has always felt like she has been under attack. Furthermore, the idea that she is not allowed to clap back, is one she has parroted before. Whether or not this is all true, is for the higher-ups to determine.

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