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Nicki Minaj reacts to photo of her from 1843: “that’s me”

Nicki Minaj reacts to photo of her from 1843: "that's me" | indy100

Nicki Minaj is a time traveller, or at least that what the internet is claiming after a ‘picture of the rapper from 1843′ went viral and attracted the attention of Minaj herself.

The image shows a woman who shares an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Anaconda’ musician, and while the origins of the image and the date it was taken remain unverified, it’s sparked a lot of attention online.

Now, Minaj has commented on the picture – and jokingly claimed that it’s actually a real snap of her taken nearly 200 years ago.

Responding to the black and white image she was tagged in by a user on X, Minaj first questioned the image by writing, simply, “?”.

She then went on to promote her new album Pink Friday 2 by writing: “hi guys, yes that’s me in the pic. I wrote this album in 1801. Be apart of history today. Open your music app & press play…may you receive joy & peace.”

The tweet received a lot of attention and Minaj then added another message promising to give the original user who shared the image with her a “prize”.

“A record breaking 1 million likes.


Who knew all it took was my rare photo from 1843,” she wrote.

Of course, it’s not a real picture of her, but people responded to the image who couldn’t get over the likeness.

“Wait, is this Photoshop or something?” one said.

“Seems like Nicki has been dropping beats since the Victorian era, who knew her barbz were time travelers!” another wrote.

“She really does switch it up for every era,” another fan joked.

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