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Nicki Minaj Rehab Comments Upset Queen Of Rap

Nicki is growing tired of those mounting concerns about how she uses her free time.

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Being known as the Queen of Rap means Nicki Minaj has countless loyal subjects (known as The Barbz) who worship her every move. Of course, with so much fame, fortune, and power also come haters who are dead-set on ruining your reputation — something the Trinidadian is all too familiar with. Lately, it’s allegations of substance abuse and needing to attend rehab that are upsetting Minaj, who lashed out at a TikTok user reporting on the gossip. According to the content creator, a recent Blind Item on gossip website CrazyDaysAndNights about someone’s struggles with drugs is about Minaj, and the “Barbie Dreams” hitmaker is growing weary.

Speaking of horrible people, this foreign-born former A+ list rapper definitely needs rehab before she tries to do a tour. It will be awful,” the anonymous clue reads. After @CelebriTEAblinds made a video suggesting Minaj is the artist in question, all hell broke loose in her DMs. “Once ugly disease allegedly is being paid to get uglier,” is what the black-haired beauty wrote.

Later, Minaj headed to the comment section on the defamatory video to get more off her chest, as HipHopDX notes. “Allegedly they are sucking someone’s d**k & being paid to try and tear down a tour. SOLD OUT, SOLD OUT, SOLD OUT. Allegedly you have a disease?” she further clapped back. It seems the femcee wants to remind us how powerful words can be, even if only “alleged” with her emotionally loaded online messages.

As her Pink Friday 2 album continues to rack up streaming numbers, Nicki Minaj is obviously finding plenty of time to put her haters on blast. The mother of one recently addresses fake fan pages popping up on social media, seemingly suggesting that the CIA could be behind them. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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