Revealing the Truth about MrBeast’s process of rescuing 100 abandoned Dogs

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Wildly popular YouTuber MrBeast recently partnered with a dog rescue to help get 100 special pups into their forever homes.

The content creator and philanthropist, along with the help of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, held a special adoption event that helped 100 dogs start a new life with their forever families. MrBeast also generously provided $100,000 in funding to the rescue organization. Cybersecurity company Surfshark also joined the cause by donating $50,000 to help support the shelter’s mission.

MrBeast Partnered With Big Dog Ranch Rescue To Find 100 Dogs Loving Homes!


MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, recently shared a video on YouTube of how he was able to help 100 stray dogs who were abandoned or left in kill shelters find a new loving home.

“Something all of these dogs have in common is that they were abandoned or rescued from kill shelters. Some of them would have even been dead by the time this video was uploaded,” MrBeast said in his video. “Which is why I brought all of them here to this massive dog sanctuary to get every one of them adopted.”

MrBeast had an entire team behind him to help keep the pups happy and help them find their new homes. To ensure that as many people as possible would know about the dog adoption event, MrBeast said they “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a statewide ad campaign to get as many people here as possible.”

Every person who showed up for the event and wanted to adopt a new furry best friend was put through extensive background checks by an independent third party.

At the end of the first day of the massive adoption event, eight pups were adopted. Day two brought more than 10 times the amount of people interested in finding a new family member. In addition to a new pup to love, every adopter got a helpful bonus.

“Every adopter gets an additional surprise,” MrBeast said. “Every dog that gets adopted also comes with free pet food for life and pet insurance for life.”

Pet food and insurance were courtesy of Spot and Jinx, and all 100 dogs and their new families benefited from their generosity. Free dog food will show up at the family’s home for the rest of the life of the dog.

One woman who showed up to adopt a pup really stood out to MrBeast. She had previously adopted six dogs and was looking for lucky number seven. She fell in love with Zoey.

“Because now with Zoey she will be caring for a total of seven dogs, we wanted to surprise her with a little something extra,” MrBeast said. “We’re also going to give you $10,000 in cash. As long as you promise to give her lots of scratches.”

By the end of day two, 44 lucky pups were adopted and settled into their new families.


One particular dog was passed up by many families throughout the first two days of the adoption event. Buffett, a three-legged dog who was hit by a car, was the hardest dog to get adopted, so MrBeast was on a special mission to find him his forever home.

“This whole situation made us really sad, which is why we spent 50 grand on a customized Buffett marketing campaign,” MrBeast said. “We will not rest until Buffett has a loving home.”

With more than 30 dogs left, all the younger pups went to new homes, so it was just the older dogs left.

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” Actor Dave Bautista Joined The Cause!

Dave Bautista helped MrBeast at dog adoption

On day four, actor Dave Bautista joined the adoption event fun to help get more pups into their new homes. Bautista said he has four dogs at home, all rescues, and it seemed as though he might add one more to the mix.

“With Dave now part of the team, we were adopting dogs faster than ever before,” MrBeast said.

With just the final 10 and hardest dogs to adopt, they were getting close to finding a new home for all 100 dogs.

MrBeast and Dave Bautista

Bautista was drawn to one particular dog and it was looking like he could possibly be leaving with a new best friend.

“I hate seeing her without a home. It’s killing me,” he said. “If no one takes her home, I’ll take her. I’ll adopt her. She’s gonna have a home no matter what.”

Doralee, the pup that Bautista said he would take if no one else did, was the last pup standing and ended up being the 100th dog adopted. Because she was the last pup, MrBeast wanted to give the adopter something special – $20,000 in cash.

The adoption event was a complete success! All 100 dogs left with a new loving family. When Buffett was adopted, they had a custom prosthetic leg made just for him, and his adopter was gifted $10,000 in addition to the free food and pet insurance for life.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Has Found Homes For Thousands And Thousands Of Dogs!


In the past 18 years, Big Dog Ranch Rescue has helped nearly 60,000 dogs find new loving homes.

“Since our inception in 2005, Big Dog Ranch Rescue has saved and found homes for 58,000+ dogs. As America’s largest cage-free, no-kill shelter, our focus is on rescuing dogs in need and providing medical care to dogs in life-threatening situations,” Evan Nader, fundraising officer of Big Dog Ranch Rescue said.

“Thanks to the generosity of Surfshark, Big Dog Ranch can care for more dogs, lead more rescue missions, and help save countless dogs’ lives. Every dollar raised goes right back to these cherished dogs at Big Dog Ranch Rescue. We appreciate the support of Surfshark and MrBeast, who helped get over 100 dogs adopted.”

The partnership between MrBeast and Surfshark helped to provide immediate relief for Big Dog Ranch Rescue, as well as set an inspiring example for potential donors and animal lovers when it comes to charity and the betterment of animal welfare.

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