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She Was Very Down to Earth: Patrick Mahomes Shares First Interaction with Taylor Swift, Expressing Gratitude for Being in the Suite and Recognition from ‘The Quarterback’ on Netflix”

Patrick Mahomes says his friend Travis Kelce hasn”t let dating Taylor Swift get to his head. “He”s still Travis Kelce,” the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback told reporters on Wednesday.

Mahomes, 28, also said that despite his struggles to attract millions of Swifties and become a pop culture phenomenon, he has “always been Travis.” Kelce reportedly believes that Swift is his “good luck” because his Chiefs team has won several games.

However, even though Kelce did not make it to the Super Bowl, he will still be the MVP, sources said it was “good for business.”

Sources told Page Six it would be better for the business not to have the NFL star play in the Feb. 11 game in Las Vegas so he can attend support events around town.

Patrick Mahomes, Sr. He can consider himself a proud member of the ever-growing group of “Swiftie Dads.”

The father of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked in a recent interview about his experience sharing a suite with Taylor Swift at Arrowhead Stadium.

Mahomes” meeting with Swift comes amid the singer”s romance with Travis Kelce.

Swift has been spending a lot of time with Mahomes” wife, Brittany Mahomes, in recent months, and she was snapped having fun with the mom of four in October.

Swift talked about being with Travis” mother at his first game supporting the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite this, a source told earlier this month that the couple

“are closer than ever and everyone around them sees them as a perfect couple.”

“They believe that timing is everything, and this is their timing,”

the source added.

The “Love Story” singer joined Donna in the audience by sang “Swag Surfin’” during the team”s wild-card game against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday. Swift and Travis were later seen leaving the court holding hands.

Patrick Mahomes grills his true friend Travis Kelce, he doesn”t care about “he said, she said.” The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback recently opened up about his teammate”s controversy over the past few months regarding his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Patrick told NBC Sports in an interview on Jan. 24.

He continues to walk into the stadium and treat everyone as you would treat them as his best friend.

Although Travis”s relationship with the “Karma” singer has been talked about a lot, the tight end”s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live in March—six months before his epic love story with Taylor went public—was a “dream of his.”

“This is really cool,” Patrick continued. “He knows every play on ‘Saturday Night Live.” Travis rekindled his love for SNL late last year, when he and Taylor enjoyed a night at Studio 8H supporting Ice Spice as the musical guest on the evening of October 14th.

The Chiefs player appeared in a photo about his relationship with the Grammy winner, with Taylor showing the rapper one of his songs.

Taylor also enjoys helping out the Chiefs players — she has appeared in 11 games so far, often playing alongside Patrick’s wife, Brittany Mahomes.

Travis Kelce has been in the spotlight since dating Taylor Swift

“Travis is still Travis,” Mahomes, 28, told reporters on NBC Sports” Pro Football Talk on Wednesday, Jan. 24. Although Kelce and Swift, 34, have been the subject of media controversy over their relationship in recent months, the Kansas City star has been popular with fans since entering the NFL in 2013.

“I come to work. Every day I”m in ‘me”. “I”ve been lucky enough to have a lot of players around me, and Travis is one of them.” Mahomes said of his friend, who has his own reality show “Catching Kelce,” serves as the spokesperson for biopharmaceutical company Pfizer and fulfilled his lifelong dream of hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

“[Travis] knows everything he plays from people who grew up on ‘Saturday Night Live,” and he”s been talking about it since before I was born,”

Mahomes said.

Mahomes also said Kelce”s “goal” is to appear on the NBC series rather than stop hosting, saying, “I hope he ends up doing more than he did after playing football.” “There”s no reason for me to stop playing football,” Kelce said.

He and Mahomes led the team to a victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, January 24th and will now face the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game next week. If they win, they will compete again to become Super Bowl champions.


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