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Tamera Mowry-Housely Ranks Top 6 “Tia & Tamera” Rap References: J. Cole, Doja, Nicki Minaj & More

There are plenty of “Tia & Tamera” references in Hip Hop, and the “Sister, Sister” icon ranks her favorites, from Chief Keef to Doja Cat.

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It’s been quite a while since the world was first introduced to “Tia & Tamera.” The identical twins became international sensations on the ’90s sitcom Sister, Sister, but that wasn’t the end of their entertainment run. Over the last few decades, the women have built million-dollar brands, starred in films and television shows, had their own reality TV series, released music, launched haircare products, and much more. While Tia and Tamera Mowy’s names and faces are permanently etched into pop culture history, the pair are also regular fixtures in Hip Hop lyrics.

Tamera Mowry has just tapped into a few of these Rap references. While we’re sure there are far more out there in the music ether, Tamera found six “Tia & Tamera” lyrics and references that have been staples. Some, she was already aware of, but others were brand new to her ears. Moreover, Tamera ranked the tracks after previewing them in a video she shared with her Instagram followers. Take a look at the video below, along with the songs ranked in the order chosen by Tamera Mowry.

6. Chief Keef — “Picking Big Sean Up”

Drill giant Chief Keef released “Picking Big Sean Up” back in 2021, but contrary to the title, the Detroit rapper didn’t make an appearance on the track. However, the Sister, Sister twins’ names surfaced when Keef rapped: “Man, these b*tches irri’ / She want a Panamera / Pull the ‘cat and track hawk out, it’s Tia & Tamera.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t Tamera’s favorite in the bunch, and she ranked Chief Keef’s song last.

5. Su’Lan — “Tia-Tamera”

As soon as this song began to play, Tamera was excited. It was obvious to the TV star that Su’Lan’s “Tia-Tamera” was a bop, but it still didn’t crack the 5th spot on this list. Created by the rap duo whose moniker is a split between the names “Su” and “Lan,” “Tia-Tamera” landed on their project of the same name. The har-hitting track paid homage to Old School Hip Hop productions, introducing the young femcees to new audiences.

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