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Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift’s ‘disturbing’ AI pictures cause outrage on social media, Please protect her !

Taylor Swift’s deepfakes were removed after being live for 17 hours on X.

Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift’s ‘disturbing’ AI pictures cause outrage on social media, Swifties demand action for disgusting n**des

Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) sure has made our lives easy, but at the same time, it has heightened cyber crimes to the roof. This time, the NFL’s most loved girlfriend, Taylor Swift, has been targeted, as her fake naked images, generated using AI, have been circulating all over the internet.

And that has absolutely outraged Swifties as they demand strict regulations for nonconsensual AI-generated X-rated images. Such images are called “deep fakes” and with developing technology, many prominent figures across the globe have been victims of this.

In the AI-generated images of the “Lover” songwriter, she has been shown in multiple sexualized positions at the Kansas City Chiefs game. Swift has been targeted amidst her highly-publicized romance with NFL star tight end, Travis Kelce.

The images took the swing from this Thursday morning when the ‘Taylor Swift AI’ hashtag was trending on X (formerly Twitter), comprising over 58,000 posts, though there still isn’t any lead on who created these deep fakes. However, Swifties immediately jumped to the support of the 12-time Grammy winner as they posted a stream of positive posts about their icon, but it’s not hidden. All of them are pretty shaken up by the whole thing.

According to 404 Media, these deep fakes may have originated from a Telegram group, where the members share explicit AI-generated images of women, using Microsoft Designer. As many members of that group were joking about how Swift’s images went viral.

For the 17 hours that the images were live on the platform, it attracted 45 million views, 24,000 reposts, and hundreds of thousands of likes as well as bookmarks. The verified user who shared those explicit images of the pop sensations got their account suspended for violating platform policies.

How Joe Biden’s AI order missed the mark on curbing fake media

Last year, in October, US President Joe Biden took action against the increasing number of deep fakes, by signing an executive order to further regulate the AI to prevent it from generating “child s*xual abuse material or producing non-consensual intimate imagery of real individuals.

Taylor Swift Jason Kelce

Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game on Sunday (Credits: Imago)

The order also commanded the federal government to issue guidelines on watermarking or labeling AI-generated images.

However, despite the ordinances from the American government, these images continue to take the internet by storm. Today it is Swift, tomorrow it might be someone else, and that’s why Swifties demand strict regulations and enforcement.


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