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Unraveling Nicki Minaj’s VMAs Spotlight: What Kept Her Center Stage Beyond the Awards?

The VMAs awards ceremony just took place with the participation of many world famous stars such as Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner,… the most prominent is still Nicki Minaj, although she only took home 1 award, ” Queen” is the female artist with the most headlines.




Not long after the VMAs ended, the winners of this year’s two awards were Cardi B and Camila Cabello, of which the two most prestigious awards for Video of the Year and Artist of the Year went to singer Havana . It seemed that the two names above would dominate the world’s sports media, but that person was “queen” Nicki Minaj. From Billboard, Hollywoodlife or MTV, Nicki is the female artist who appears the most in “newspaper headlines”.

In addition to the topics surrounding only winning one trophy for the “Best Hip Hop” award, there are also other accompanying “headlines” such as: “Queens song performance”, “Ariana Grande helps Nicki Minaj before the outfit incident”, “Cardi B teased Nicki Minaj for her appearance at the VMAs”, “Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott left their seats away from Nicki’s seat”,…

According to Hollywood Life, Nicki Minaj + MTV VMAs = Drama. Similar to what Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus did during the 2015 MTV VMA Awards, Nicki criticized Travis Scott after   Astroworld held back her Queen album from reaching the top. Previously, the organizers arranged for Travis to sit in front of Nicki, but then had to quickly leave Kylie’s chair and Travis away from the “queen”.

Nicki’s performance and red carpet outfits also made journalists restless. It was also thanks to her outfit that there was an article “Ariana helps Nicki with her wardrobe malfunction”. That’s when Nicki received the award, the “queen of show cancellations” gave her hand for the “queen of gossip” to hold in order to keep Nicki’s balance so she wouldn’t trip because the end of her dress got caught. Also at the VMAs, the major awards all slipped out of the hands of the two “queens”. On stage Nicki always wears skimpy outfits, and the VMAs are no exception. “The Queen” performed Majesty, Playtime Is Over and Fefe , songs from her new album Queen, and the singer wore a golden armor underneath a pink dress with large sleeves.

In addition, when Cardi B gave her opening speech, she accidentally said she was a “queen”, which made Nicki fans angry, thinking that Cardi B intended to bring down Nicki. Immediately afterwards, Cardi had to apologize for her statement.

The title “queen of gossip” always holds true for Nicki, no matter what show or award ceremony she appears in, after returning Nicki always gathers a lot of grudges with other artists. . But we must also admit that Nicki is very talented and knows how to promote her name through the scandals she causes.

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