EastEnders airs surprise discovery in Eve and Suki storyline

Someone has discovered Eve Unwin and Suki Kaur Panesar’s massive secret in EastEnders.

Earlier this week, Eve surprised Suki by showing up just after Nish Panesar and Ravi Gulati were arrested in connection with her supposed murder.

Thursday’s episode (December 21) saw Suki and Eve bring Stacey Slater into their confidence by revealing Eve was involved in getting Nish and Ravi arrested.

A worried Stacey encouraged the couple not to flee the Square like they were planning, while Nish and Ravi were sweating it out in the police station.

heather peace as eve and balvinder sopal as suki in eastenders

Ravi made a desperate move to call Vinny Panesar, revealing that Eve wasn’t actually dead as he ordered his brother to find the lawyer at all costs.

Vinny interrupted Suki’s plans to leave with Eve, insisting that she wasn’t actually dead. However, Suki managed to convince her son he was being misled by Ravi.

“I wish it were true, I really do,” Suki told him. “But the one thing I know for sure is that if she was alive, she’d be here right now.”

Suki held back tears as she said: “They are lying to you, Vinny, like they always do!”

heather peace as eve and balvinder sopal as suki in eastenders

Vinny left his mum to grieve, allowing Suki and Eve to finally put the finishing touches on their exit plan. Stacey tried to convince the pair to stay, admitting that she needed her “closest friend” Eve.

“If he knows where we are, we’re dead,” Eve explained.

Stacey understood and even offered to borrow Martin’s van to help get them away from the Square undetected — but they never got that far because Jack Branning walked in to find all three together.

Jack was irate that he’d arrested two “innocent” men, forcing Eve to explain how Nish had physically attacked her and Ravi threatened to kill her.

“I’m telling you now, the minute they are out of that station, they are coming for me, they are coming for [Stacey], they’re coming for Suki,” Eve told the copper.

She begged: “Please, please, Jack, just help us.”

What will Jack decide?

scott maslen as jack branning in eastenders

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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