‘The role changed my life’: Danielle Harold opens up on ‘coming to terms’ with EastEnders exit

Danielle Harold has opened up about her award-winning Eastenders’ performances admitting “the role changed my life”.

Speaking to Nigel Farage, her former camp-mate on I’m A Celeb, Danielle, who scooped a number of awards for her portrayal of Lola Pearce-Brown, told GBNews: “I can’t tell you how difficult these scenes are, especially with the research that we do.

“We get paired up with people living with brain tumours which was so difficult, but it was just so uplifting to work with these people. I can’t tell you how much they changed my life and touched my life. When you are playing scenes like that you just want to get it so right because you know how many people go through that and have had that conversation. So you just want to get it as spot on as you possibly can. I just think soaps, they’re just amazing at what they do – you’re in everybody’s living room every day. What I loved so much about being at EastEnders was being able to raise awareness. That was amazing.”

On the strain of playing the role she continued: “I mean you’re there from seven in the morning till seven at night, but it’s not just the day, you’re constantly having some awful storylines that you’re having to play out. And sometimes it’s so hard and it sort of takes over your life when you’re given a storyline like that. So yeah, it can be really really difficult.”

Opening up about life in the Jungle she admitted: “At the time I found it really difficult. It’s so hard, isn’t it, it’s not like when you watch it at home. You laugh, you don’t think how tough that show really is to do until you’re in there. But coming out now and looking back it was probably the best time of my life, as you’re really just shutting off from the world. I loved that.”

Speaking about what will come next in her career she joked she quite fancied embarking on a political tour with Nigel.

But turning back to TV ambitions she revealed: “January is where our industry just starts to open. February is audition time. So I’m hoping to get some auditions now.”

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