EastEnders fans slam Kat as she dates Nish despite Eve reveal: ‘Let’s get her off the show’

Last night in EastEnders (Tuesday, January 23), Kat gave Nish a chance and decided to accept his original offer of going on a date with him.

This came after Stacey told Kat about Nish’s attempt to kill Eve, with Kat betraying her loved ones and getting close to Nish still.

EastEnders fans have now blasted Kat’s behaviour, with some even wanting her to leave Walford over it.

EastEnders' Kat is on a date

EastEnders: Kat went on a date with Nish

This week, Nish started flirting with Kat and offered her a flat on an initial rent-free basis.

Defending Kat against Phil in The Vic, Nish then asked Kat out on a date. However, Kat rejected him as it was too soon after Phil to be thinking about dating again.

With some consideration, Kat then had a change of heart last night and took Nish up on his offer after all.

Stacey was horrified and warned Kat about Nish’s dark ways, explaining that he tried to have Eve killed.

Despite all of this, Kat still gave Nish a chance. She then went on a date with him at Walford East before enjoying a steamy moment with him in private.

EastEnders' Kat and Nish are at the park together
Fans aren’t pleased with Kat (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans disgusted with Kat’s behaviour with Nish

Fans of the BBC soap are horrified over Kat’s choice of man and have slammed her for continuing to date Nish despite discovering what he did to Eve.

They think that she should have more loyalties towards her family and friends, demanding that she leave the soap for her actions.

One person said: “Kat’s character is rubbish now, let’s get her off the show.”

Another fan commented: “Kat: “So he didn’t try to kill Eve himself?” Really Kat? Ordering someone to be killed is just as bad as Nish doing it himself.”

A third fan questioned: “Kat is a fool. Where is your self respect Kat??”

A final fan complained: “Once again another reason to NOT watch, sort it [bleep] out already producers or I won’t be tuning in again anytime soon for real. The fact Nish justifies what he did to Eve as Kat would like to do the same to Emma given the chance & she immediately falls for it? [BLEEP.]”

Ravi looking shifty on EastEnders
Are they just on the rebound? (Credit: BBC)

Will Kat and Nish become an item?

Kat and Nish have been looking to each other in a bid to get over their former other halves.

But, are they just kidding themselves? Is Kat really over Phil? Can Nish move on from Suki? Will Kat and Nish continue to date?

EastEnders - Kat Confronts Nish About Him Ordering To Kill Eve! | 23rd January 2024

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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