IN PHOTOS: Nike unveils LeBron James 2024 All-Star game sneakers with illustrated trading cards design

Nike unveils LeBron James 2024 All-Star game sneaker Nike LeBron 21 "All-Star" with illustrated trading cards design

The All-Star Game without LeBron James has become a forgotten memory for NBA fans and both Nike and LeBron know it. The LA Lakers star and the sneaker giant took the perfect occasion and dropped exciting news. Nike just unveiled LeBron 21 “All-Star”, James’ official sneaker for the All-Star Game for the 2023–24 season.

The much-anticipated shoe comes in a metallic silver color with Nike’s Swoosh and LeBron’s official logo in metallic gold. The Nike LeBron 21 “All-Star” also features a university red color palette to add variety to the aesthetics of the shoes. The tongue of the shoe also features the All-Star design for this year, which shows the ellipse and stars.

Moreover, what stood out in the sneaker was the LeBron trading card that had been added to the latest version of LeBron 21, which a great news for hobby enthusiasts. The shoe features a decorated trading card on the top that is attached in the fashion of a hanging tag to the shoe.

LeBron James is leading the Western Conference in the third fan vote return for the All-Star Game in Indianapolis. Giannis Antetokounmpo is leading the Eastern Conference in the third fan voting return.

The All-Star Game will be held on Feb. 18, 2024. Nike LeBron 21 “All-Star” is reportedly set to drop on the market on February 16, 2024.

LeBron James unveils LeBron 21 “Friends And Family” against Jazz

LeBron James is undoubtedly the most popular player in the NBA and Nike has certainly capitalized on it. James is officially the oldest player in the NBA but he is playing at an unprecedented level at this age. There is barely a record where he doesn’t have his name in it.

Recently, James became the first player in the NBA to reach the 39k point total in the NBA. To make this moment memorable, James entered the court in the newest version of his UNKNWN x Nike LeBron 21 “Friends & Family” edition. The Lakers star chose the perfect moment to remember his close ones on the historic moment.

The UNKNWN x Nike LeBron 21 “Friends & Family” edition serves as the sequel to the Nike LeBron 20 “Message in a Bottle”. Both have a matching suede construction with a similar, aesthetically pleasing look.

The LeBron 21 “Friends & Family” has a solid milk chocolate color and Nike’s Swoosh as well as the midsole in pink color provide a contrast to it. The shoe also features the UNKNWN badge design that is carved on the heel.

Added with a cushioned midsole and the Zoom Turbo in the forefoot, LeBron 21 super comfortable with unbeatable aesthetics. The price for the LeBron 21 “Friends & Family” is $210. It will be available in-store as well as on Nike’s official website soon.

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