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Nicki Minaj Slams TikTok For Threatening To Disable Her Account: “The Rules Are Different”

Nicki Minaj Slams TikTok For Threatening To Disable Her Account: "The Rules Are Different"

Nicki Minaj is dragging TikTok for threatening to take away her account. 

On Thursday, the Queen Barb took to Twitter to share a screenshot of a message she received from TikTok. Minaj was given an “Account Warning” for allegedly violating several of the app’s community guidelines. However, Minaj claims she was merely defending herself, though it’s unclear what exactly she said on TikTok to be in violation and to whom. 

“They are allowed to bully you, harass you, swat your home with a toddler multiple times & not be held accountable. Five companies paying to slander you, never defending yourself against lies for years & years, but the minute you do, you are immediately SILENCED,” Onika wrote. 

Per the warning issued to Minaj, her TikTok account could face further penalties if they determine she has committed another violation. While there does appear to be a “View Details” option that came with the notice, Minaj did not choose to share what other information TikTok sent over. Nevertheless, Minaj went on to call out the fact that outlets and other entities who speak ill of her are rarely penalized. 

“Yet, the ones spreading lies on you are not. Their pages are never deleted. You don’t have to have genius tendencies to know why the rules are different,” she added in a tweet. 


Naturally, the Barbz flocked to Minaj’s defense. TikTok has not yet issued a response, though it’ll be interesting to learn what sparked this unexpected feud. 

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