Why did Eve Unwin go to prison in EastEnders?

AFTER finding out what really happened to her sister, Eve Unwin spiralled and, hellbent on revenge, viciously attacked Caz.

EastEnders fans are convinced she may go back to prison – but why was she there in the first place prior to settling in Walford?

Eve Unwin was first introduced to BBC One viewers in October, 2021

Eve Unwin was first introduced to BBC One viewers in October, 2021Credit: BBC

Who is Eve Unwin in EastEnders and who is she played by?

Eve Unwin made her debut on the BBC One soap in October, 2021, after being mentioned a fist time a month prior to her fist ever appearance in The Prince Albert.

Portrayed by actress Heather Peace, Eve was introduced as Stacey Slater’s (Lacey Turner) wife, which was a shock for the latter’s family.

However, it was soon made clear that both women, who met behind bars, tied the knot in a wedding of convenience in order to be released on probation.

Despite this, Eve and Stacey have become a strong duo and are very protective over one another.

While she became a firm favourite among fans of the London-based drama, Eve was initially looked down upon by Stacey’s mother Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

The cleaner enlisted her son Sean Slater to assist her in getting rid of Eve, convinced she was a bad influence on Stacey.

But when Eve walked out of the house, she was brought back by her pal who became worried for her.

Although very little was known about Eve’s past prior to her first meeting with Stacey, a few details have been sporadically revealed throughout her time in Walford.

Before she was incarcerated, Eve was said to have been a solicitor but she lost her license as a result of being sentenced.

She also faced her family’s homophobia upon her coming out, which led her to cut them all off in her late teens.

But how did a successful solicitor land herself in prison?

Why did Eve Unwin go to prison in EastEnders?

EastEnders viewers will remember Stacey was sentenced to a year in prison in 2021 after assaulting Ruby Allen and supposedlyย causing her to have a miscarriage.

While it was revealedย Ruby had mostly liedย about the incident to drive a wedge between her former pal and Martin Fowler, Stacey remained behind bars where she, as mentioned above,ย found a friend in her cellmate Eve.

But many viewers may have forgotten why Eve was in prison herself.

Eve had been in prison for a while when she first met Stacey as she had received a three-year-long sentence for aggravated assault.

Her legal turmoil began in 2018, when she brutally assaulted a man.

Known for her kind disposition, Eve is also recognised for her deeply violent streak and tendency to let her emotions get the best of her – and prison has failed to change her.

Soap viewers have grown concerned she may be thrown back into prisonย as she assaulted another personย on Tuesday’s (August 22, 2023) instalment of the BBC One program.

The London-based show most recently revisited another part of her story – the death of her twin sister Erica – as she finally came face to face with Caroline Johnston aka “Caz.”

In 1993, Erica was hit by a car driven by a drunk Caz at night, leaving a guilt-stricken Eve to try and make peace with her death.

But the past came right back to haunt Eve in recent scenes of the soap as Caz rocked up the Square to come clean about her actions.

Unable to cope with the truth, Eve has spiralled out of control prompting Stacey to boot her out of their house.

Eve drowned her sorrows in The Albert, turning her back on her closest pal and even her former lover Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal).

She was later found by Suki, Stacey and Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) trying to strangle Caz after luring her in an alleyway and attacking her, fuelled by a deep-seated anger.

Stacey took care of Caz and brought her back to her home while Suki took care of Eve – and Theo urged the newcomer to report the former solicitor to the authorities.

And with Eve’s track record, another stay in prison could be in the cards.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Eve and Stacey met while in prison

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